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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Journal of Symonds St Studies

This is my zine. First one I've made in 4 years or so, and I'm pretty happy with it. It's big. First half is a whole lot of drawings I did when I was 12 and wanted to devote my life to satirical cartoons about pop culture, or something. I was 12 in 1997 so this means a whole bunch of drawings of Hanson as goths and the Spice Girls as murderous psychopaths.
Second half is a few drawings I felt like resurrecting from small-run comics I did a few years back: pictures about living in Samoa, pictures about a tree being cut down in Sandringham. Also some very new ones about fatness, about the secret corners of my thesis, etc etc.
In between those halves there's an essay about why I liked Belle and Sebastian so much as a teenager, and what that had to do with boners. Lots of people seem to like this essay! Here is what Chris of Suburbophobia had to say: "I particularly liked the Belle & Sebastian essay, even though I don't like them." That is my aspiration as a writer.
$3, in store now, almost run out.
- Alex Wild